How many egg whites can you consume in a day during muscle building and fat loss?

As we all know eggs do not have carbohydrates – it has protein and fat. Here we are talking about egg whites and when talking about egg whites, we are talking about protein only. How much we can consume in a day? Well, that depends on your macro, your protein intake and your overall diet.

Well, you can consume 6-8 eggs in a serving. If we exclude the yolk i.e. the yellow part of the egg, then an egg  contains 4 grams of protein. So how much you can take? 6 eggs, that equals to 24 grams of protein. So 1 cube of whey is equal to 6 egg whites that has 24 grams of protein. You can consume minimum of 6 egg whites in a serving either your goal is muscle building or fat loss.

Now how many times in a day can you consume? You can consume it in interval of every 2-3 hours. It’s a protein and it won’t cause you any harm. You can take it in the form of egg whites, chicken, fish, meat or anything. You have to consume it in every 2-3 hours. You can take 3 or 4 servings in a day,  that equals 6*3=18 eggs or 6*4=24 eggs, respectively.

If you are a beginner or an  intermediate, you can consume 6 egg whites that gives you 24 grams of protein. If you are expert, i.e.  at an advanced level then you can consume 10-12 egg whites in a serving. If you don’t have any other protein source i.e. you don’t eat chicken or fish, then you have to consume eggs depending upon your level whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert and there you will consume minimum 3 servings of egg whites in a day. You are not consuming the yellow part here so the fat will not get into your body. You don’t want high calories and bad cholesterol. So you can take 3-4 servings of egg in a day.

If you have other protein sources like chicken, fish, whey protein etc. then  1-2 servings of egg in a day are good enough, else you can take minimum of 3 servings in a day. 1 serving can be either of 6 or 12 eggs depending on your level. If you are a beginner and you are consuming 12 egg whites, then you are wasting protein as your body won’t be able to absorb it and it will end up storing as a fat, hence protein  will get wasted. It’s 100% safe, no side effects. You can choose your intake depending upon your absorption rate.  Don’t overeat. As a beginner, your body can consume 500 calories and 24 grams protein and an expert can obviously absorb more than that. Drink sufficient water to regulate the nutrients throughout your body.

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