How much protein should we take in a day

Lots of people have a query in their mind about what should be the daily protein intake?

Protein intake depends on your activity level, your goals, your fitness level. So we can categorize daily protein intake into 4 categories :

Sl. No. Category Description Protein intake per pound body weight
1. Do not workout Simply go office, comes home, eat and sleep 0.5 grams
2. Slightly active Workout 3-4 times in a week 0.8 grams
3. Highly active Workout 5-6 times in a week 1 grams
4. Advanced Level Working out for 10-15 years 1.2 – 1.5 grams

  1. People who don’t workout : 0.5g/lb. This protein intake is for people who do not workout. They simply go office, come home, eat and sleep. That means if your body weight is 180 lb, then protein intake must be 90 grams per day. Try to intake 15-20 grams protein per meal.
  2. People who are slightly active, i.e. they workout 3-4 times in a week : 0.8g/lb. That means if your body weight is 180 lb, then protein intake must be 130 grams per day. So that makes 20-25 grams protein per meal.
  3. People who are highly active, i.e. they workout 5-6 times a week : 1g/lb. So your body weight is 180 lb, protein intake must be 180 grams per day. Remember, you can take protein from any source, egg white, chicken, yogurt, etc. You must consume 80% of protein from food only.
  4. People who are working out for 10-15 years, i.e. they are at expert level : 1.2 – 1.5g/lb, sp 180 lb weight person has to consume 200 – 250 grams of protein per day. These people have matured muscles. They can absorb more protein than an average person because of the muscle mass or muscle maturity.

So your protein intake depends upon your weight, height, your activity level, muscle maturity and many other factors. You must know your level and protein intake must be such that can be absorbed by your body, else it will get wasted. Let’s say if you are working out for last 1 year, then you can intake 0.5g/lb protein, or if working out for 5 years then 0.8-1g/lb protein. So it completely depends on your level of absorption rate.

Your nutrition should be perfect if you are looking for a perfect physique.

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